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We are a non-profit organization based out of Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to raise funds to provide training grants for youth athletes in need. The Rider Williams Foundation is currently a family-run organization created to fulfill the legacy of our brother and son, Rider Jacob Williams. Rider, born March 10th, 2009, tragically lost his battle with mental illness in November of 2021. He loved spending time outside with friends and family, exploring the town on his bicycle, and playing sports. Rider was a multi-sport athlete involved in wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, football, and running. He dedicated most of his free time to maintaining and improving his fitness. He had a bright future in athletics, with hopes of one day competing at the collegiate level. 

Our current aim for the foundation is to provide grants to help lighten the financial burden for families who may struggle with the expenses of putting their child through an elite athletic program. These grants are reserved for athletes who are highly dedicated and aspire to continue at a higher level, whether that level be middle school, high school or college. Rider truly shined as an athlete, but it wasn’t natural talent or skill that set him apart from the rest, it was his consistent drive to be the best he could be. It was equally as important to him to help and encourage his teammates to be the best they could be, so we as a foundation encourage our athletes to work to their fullest potential and also help others while they walk the path of their own journey.

Please send all training grant inquiries to 

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